Mykonos JMK airport info. The parking – taxis – boarding – runway.

Mykonos Island National Airport (Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Μυκόνου) is just 4 Km away from Mykonos Town. Before even landing, you can have a good look over the island’s sandy beaches . JMK is a windy airport and the runway is only 1900 m long. LGMK airport operated for the first time in June 1971.

In 2014 it accepted about 800.000 passengers, a number above the capacity of the airport’s facilities. On summertime, delays are frequent not only on Mykonos airport arrivals but also on departures.

Searching for airline tickets to Myconos Greece, one can find cheap tickets by Greek airlines. There are also deals on airline tickets for cheap flights from or to Europe. You can choose among many car rental companies upon arrival. Taxis, although a few, are available. There is finally a public bus to New Port or Fabrika. .

It is wiser to drive through the ring road to avoid traffic and yes, there are no traffic lights in Mykonos, only squares! The boarding area is quite small and there is just a small store, like a quiosque, for duty free goods.

Finally, don’t leave your car before arrivals, unless you are willing to pay the fine issued by the traffic police!

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