Sawangan & Surupan Cave, Indonesia

Natural wonders found in the karst region South Gombong, Kebumen is amazing. Anyone who explore the area along the shoreline will praise its natural beauty. Available natural charm, making the region has the potential to be developed into a tourist attraction. One location that stores panorama is Pamangkuan resort area of ​​forest (RPH) Tebo, BKPH South Gombong. In the Village area Karangduwur, District Dad that there are a number of natural wonders. One of them is the Cave Sawangan.

Sawangan Goa is actually a blend of two caves that Sawangan Goa and Goa Surupan. Both the cave mouth of the cave together with two different place. Normally the cave in the karst region, also has a beautiful Sawangan cave stalagmite, stalactites and waterfalls. In the stalagmite was inhabited by the swallow, serwiti up to bat. Goa Sawangan not visited by many people because it is difficult to reach. Interestingly, in Goa Sawangan there is a cave entrance. The door of the cave is the entrance to the Surupan Goa is famous for its underground river water are abundant.

After exploring Goa Sawangan that have been fused with Goa Surupan by following the flow of water, will eventually encounter the tip of Goa. An end of the cave ‘interrupted’ by a steep ravine and in. From this view of the amazing feast for the eyes. From the end of this cave will be immediately apparent breadth of the Indian Ocean, nan boisterous blue bays and karst with its verdant savannah. Yes, the tip of Goa Sawangan located near the southern beach.

The water flow of the river from Goa Sawangan or Surupan was then plunged down the cliff to form a Waterfall known as waterfall Sawangan. Sawangan waterfall has a height of about 50 meters if you want to enjoy visitors must descend a fairly steep cliff. The underground river water back into surface water flowing into the southern coast within 150 meters of Niagara. But unfortunately the terrain to that location is still very difficult. In addition through the cave visitors have to walk through the hills.

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