Amazing time with Thailand Divers in the Similan islands

Thailand Divers in the Similan islands

This week in phuket scuba diving is in the Similan Islands with Thailand Divers and it has been amazing. This week at the Similan islands has been perfect. Blue sky, warm water, cool breeze, and so much varied sea life. Scuba diving in phuket has it all.

From the warm clear waters of the Similan Islands that produce perfect visability and minimal currents make it a perfect location for divers of all levels. The diving here is so relaxed that no matter where you go after then nothing will compare. Shallow reefs with turtles drifting past, reef sharks up and down, sea horses and sea moths for the macro lovers to the huge Napoleon Wrasse there is something for all on every dive.

The heading north to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu rock. Hewre the water is always warm and although you can get current from time to time its still just easy drift diving. This is the home of the big fish like the Whale shark and the massive Oceanic Manta Ray.

For those of you who dive you can never be disapointed when diving in phuket and the similan islands. From newly certified Open water diver to the most experienced. Jumping on a liveaboard to the similan islands will be a trip you will never forget. Scuba diving in phuket is really one of the top locations in the world as there is more than enough to please everyone. Even if you have never been before there is no better place to experience the underwater world. When in phuket scuba diving is a must. The best thing is the cost. Amazing boats, amazing food, world class diving and cheaper than a week staying at home. Thanks to Thailand divers (and others) phuket scuba diving is in easy reach of even the smallest budget.

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