Teaching the Children is What a Scuba Instructors Job Really is.

This is what being an instructor is all about. diving in phuket is always fun, but teaching the children how to dive correctly, safely and to respect the oceans and the creatures that live there is a far better day. When children go under the water for the first time and you see the initial fear fade into a look of amazement. They find that they can breath with ease and diving is relaxed and they are surrounded by a whole new world that they never knew existed before. They are excited by everything that moves, swims, walks crawls or even stays still. Every instructor gets more from this when the children fall in love with the underwater world. As then we know the oceans and reefs will be just that bit safer for all those diving in phuket and around the world for the years to come when the children are taught correctly, to respect the underwater world and all those that live in it. www.thailand-divers.com

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