Photo Journey: Sicily in 18 photos

It’s 19th of January 2016 and… I’m about to publish the first set of photos from the new ‘photo journey’ series here.. I’m not professional photographer, which you can see on my photos below, but I really like the whole process of taking photos to capture the moments, especially on the go.

Inspiration to create new series of blog posts, came to me from Krista @Wordpressdotcom.. The trip to Sicily was on my wish list of the dreams, that came true and is uneasy to describe by the words. I share with you just the fraction of this beautiful Island, which is located on the middle of Mediterranean sea.

** This is my first post here..! and unfortunately I couldn’t upload the rest of photos, so they are available here:

~ Enjoy your day, Swav @PaintingsbySwav

One thought on “Photo Journey: Sicily in 18 photos

  1. I just visited your blog post. A pro photographer has the skills and techniques to use a camera but I think it is important to have a point of view, which is showing in the photos that you have taken. I do not have the skills to use a camera and this is also how I would have taken a photo too.

    Many thanks for posting here… 🙂

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