4 thoughts on “Malibu Lodge

  1. Hi Daryl

    I do have larger files of the lodge and surrounding areas. I am new to this form as you may know and not fully sure how to work with it. I am a semi pro and the images are part of a body of work that is for sale. What is the purpose of the form, 1 just to share images? 2 a marketing form for buyers to find your work?
    Thanks for connecting and I hope you can help to answer the questions.


  2. Hi Daryl
    I read “about”and I understand the purpose of the form. So for posting of images what size are you thinking about? I will be watermarking all the images from this point.


    1. Thank you, Vern. Ideally, the photo should have a width of more than 720px. This is for better viewing in the desktop. There is no problem in watermarking the photo as our purpose is only to view the photo and hopefully to get to know something about the place that you have posted… 🙂

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