Phuket Thailand is Addivtive and You Will Never be 100% Free


Each year so many people come to phuket thailand for their holidays and not all for diving and one thing happens to so many. After the holiday they go home as normal but then something kicks in as you find that next year they are here twice and then slowly they have several trips a year and each trip gets longer and longer.

For those of us that dive here its twice as hard to leave. The one thing that never changes when diving in phuket. Stunning locations, amazing sunsets and awesome people to dive with everyday of the year. Once you have been to phuket scuba diving then you will never forget it and nothing else will ever be quite the same. Scuba diving in phuket is an addiction and once hooked it will always be there in the back of you mind.

No matter where you go and what you do, all amazing places but for many its always just not quite hit that perfect spot as it does in Phuket. May be the sea just a touch colder or the whale shark not quite as close or the beer at the ed of the day just not quiet as cold and crisp as it was in Phuket. What ever it is or most problebly a combintaion of many things the result is the same the people just need to come back to phuket scuba diving more and more.

May be its the fact that here diving in phuket anything is possible. From Orca’s to Sea Horses, Leopard Sharks any number of whales or Dolphins. From Whale sharks to the shy Bamboo Shark, Ribbon Eels to Frog Fish. Everyday diving in phuket thailand then anything is possible.

For many who are lucky enough to be in phuket scuba diving all year round keep saying a bad day in phuket scuba diving is still better than the best day in another office. With that I disagree as I have had some awesome offices. From high in the Alpes to the beaches of Europe, From the out in the wilderness to oceans of the Med. From the tropical heat to the crisp -30 on a perfect winter morning. All are amazing but the draw of phuket thailand still has just that bit extra. Something you cant quite put you finger in. All those people that have been here will tell you the same. Everytime you come to phuket thailand you want just that little bit more. One thing is for sure and that something about phuket thailand is addictive.

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