Hidden Treasure Kanopi House Port Antonio Jamaica

Jamaica has many surprises that make for great experiences beyond the beaches. Once you stay at Kanopi House you will want to return.
Tucked away in the folds of the eco-friendly zone of Portland, where the shoreline hugs the sea and the nights glow as much as the days, stands the emblem of respite, relaxation and all things in between. It sits snugly among the trees, embraces the ideally cool temperatures and complements the natural habitat. It offers a peacefully endowed atmosphere, not uncommon to truly tranquil scenes and all those who enter therein can claim its soothing and rejuvenating powers.

Kanopi House was created as the ideal getaway location and is unique since it offers no disturbance of its natural environments. Its structure also adds to its modern day charm and it is one with nature. Kanopi House features a certain inexplicable charisma which is further intensified by a secluded cove, blue lagoon, coral reef, surrounding rainforest and its one of a kind ‘tree houses’.

A must visit during this trip is the Rio Grande Rafting and culinary treats awaits at teh Boston Jerk Centre.

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