Are You Happoy Living on Just 29% of The World?

This is actually very real. So many people never see the sea, others only paddle when on holiday. More and more are going diving every year.

The ocean is being opened up to so many more people. The entire human population squeezed into 29% of the planets surface. Come join the few who have the whole 100% of planet to explore.

You will be amazed at the calmness, the beautie, the colour but most of all the peace and quiet.
Even if you have never tried before pick a PADI dive center with many years experience as they will have the most experienced instructors and jump in.

The rush and cramped conditions that 99% of people suffer on their 29% of the planet compared the space and relaxed pace of life underwater. Just 1 hour underwater will wipe a year of stress away and the hectic, cramped lifestyle you have led up till now will vanish forever once you have been scuba diving.

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