Amazing New Jelly Fish Found. Surely One of The Most Beautiful Creatures on Earth
The great thing with scuba diving in phuket or anywhere in the world come to that is the fact so much of the ocean is undiscovered. Each year thousands of people come to places like phuket scuba diving for their annual warm water diving fix. Some go to places like the similan islands on a liveaboard so they can spend 2-8 days diving to maximize their time underwater. Places like diving richelieu rock are listed by National Geographic as one of the top 10 location in the world so it only goes the quality of the diving all around the area. The diving around phuket thailand is some of the best there is.

As divers we know that two thirds of the planet is covered in water and of that we have explored only the very smallest amount. Every time we enter the water we can see totally new creatures. All we need to do is to know whats new and whats not. There are places like james bond island that lie just north of phuket thailand that has many tourists everyday. These places still have much to explore as there are so many islands in the area and so many and all the tours go to the same places. Another example is bamboo island which people go to for great snorkeling as part of a say trip to Phi Phi island tour. Even at places like these we here at Thailand Divers with our instructors are still finding fish that we have never seen before and cant be found in any books.

Then imagine what its like to be one of those who really are exploring unknown waters. The latest type of jelly fish found really could be mistaken for alien life. This creature lives 2.3 miles below the surface in a place that is so dark that very few living things will ever see it.Its been found in the Mariana Trench which located deep in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and southern Japan. Thats a real shame is it surely must be one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

If people need another reason to to learn scuba diving in phuket other than to see creatures as stunning as these then I can not think of one. To be able to do the open water course similans inphuket thailand is an amazing place in itself but to do it diving Richelieu Rock is a once in a lifetime chance. When diving here you will be sure to see things that you are convinced no one has sen before. Here at Thailand Divers is one of the few places that the open water course live aboards similans option in the similan islands is available.

No matter what your experience from total novice to people with ten thousand dives diving in phuket offers so much. If you dont get in the water then you can never see over two thirds of the planet and you could be missing out on seeing things like this.

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