This is Why So Many People Love Phuket Thailand And The Similan Islands

This is Why So Many People Love Phuket Thailand And The Similan Islands

This is why I love Phuket Thailand. There is so much to do if you like adventure and a busy holiday or just lazying about in the warm tropical sun. There is scuba diving in Phuket, shopping centers bowling, white water rafting, snorkeling and 1,000s of bars and places to eat.

But there are also so many places to go just to get away for some peace and quiet as well. Miles of empty beach. Isolated places ideal for some much needed peace and quiet. Thailand Phuket especially although a massive hub for tourism is also ideally located to get to many quiet uninhabited locations too. The Similans are a perfect example. Just 85 kms from Phuket lie the Similan island chain.

There are fewer better places to visit than the Similan Islands

Tiny places to eat away from the crowds. After a days snorkeling or scuba diving Phuket has many great small local places to eat and the menu is what was caught from the boat that afternoon. A Similan island liveabaord is just one way for you to get away from the madness of the holiday resorts and discover one of the truly great countries on this world and the friendliest people on earth. Thailand Divers offers it all. What a stunning country. Phuket Thailand so much more than just diving. Places like James Bond Island or the Phi Phi Bamboo tour are just 2 very popular Phuket snorkeling tours. Again when in Phuket try stepping away from the mainstream tours. lets get into the real island paradise locations. Khi Island has great snorkeling and is so close to Phuket it can be done for a morning or afternoon tour. Then head north in to the Phang Nga national park as there are hundreds of islands there all waiting to be discovered.. Go into any good Phuket dive shop and they will be able to book you up right away.

There is so much to see in Phuket that you can spend a month here and not see it all or on the other hand you can just as easily hide yourself away for a month and get a great tan and never have to see another person. Thats what is so great that the choice is totally up to you. From white water rafting, ATV riding, and Safari ‘s to Sunset cruises or a scuba diving trip to the magical Similan islands. Phuket has it all.

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