Kong: Skull Island Vietnam

Explore enchanting landscapes of the beautiful and highly popular destination in King Kong film of North Vietnam all the way to Halong Bay on our spacious and luxury 5-star cruise; experience the joy of impressive scenaries at Van Long Nature Reserve and delve deep in the natural bliss. Immerse yourself in all those amazing landscapes and resources and enjoy the fascinating beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is definitely going to be a wonderful and unforgettable journey!

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Best Halong Bay Cruise

Because of its uniqueness and its historical and cultural impact, Ha Long Bay has proudly become one of the 830 UNESCO World Heritage sites. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and its dedication to the preservation of humanity and culture makes it an honorable and prestigious title to be awarded. The Bay offers a perfect balance of those three traits that gave it a place in their ranks. The immense number of natural limestone cliffs gives a semblance to the sceneries of Guilin, China, Vang Vieng, Laos, and the Andaman coast of Thailand. Although most of the beaches in Ha Long Bay are manmade because of their lack, the cliffs were all forged years upon years ago.

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Super Prices For Similan Islands Liveabaords For April and May

For those of you with nothing to do in April or may then why not enjoy the last month of the similan islands scuba diving season.


There are great discounts for the last month 15th April – 15th May. Quick discounts to fill the last few spaces. 3 day 3 night similan trip from as little as 16,100 baht.

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Amazing End of Season Deals and Awesome Low Season Tours wWith Thailand Divers.

So many people come to Phuket Thailand each year during the peak season. Then they seem to have the opinion that before December and After February is all monsoon season. WRONG.


During April and May there is some of the best days for scuba diving Thailand you will ever get. There are less people, the sea is at its warmest, the vizability is perfect as its been calm for 5 months or more. Plus you still have all the great marine life too.

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Shanghai – China’s Most Vibrant City

What once began as a tiny fishing village is now the largest city in China and third largest in the world. The heart of Shanghai is the Bund, an upscale riverside boardwalk with colonial-era buildings on one side that have a distinctly European flavor, and on the other side, a neon sci-fi looking cityscape.

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The Great Wall of China

Of course, no trip to China would be complete without a visit to the imposing Great Wall, and no better entry than at Badaling in Beijing, the highest point of the Guanagou Gorge. The wall is wide enough for ten people to walk alongside each other, and depending on when you visit, that will be the case. In case you ever wondered why the wall was constructed in such a winding manner, it’s because Chinese mythology states that demons can only travel in a straight line!

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