Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand Is Moving To The Next Level To Cater For All And Not Just Divers.

Whats really good for all dive centers and instructors of all sports

is when you get great feed back from experienced divers. Here in Phuket Thailand that has been a mecca for people diving Thailands waters for many years and attracts many new divers each year. its nice to know from the experienced divers who have a lot of other places to compare us too. These reviews mean a lot. read more

The Island Of Phuket Is Addictive. Once Bitten And You Are Hooked.

Phuket Thailand is addictive and you can Never be 100% free from its Hold

Each year so many people come to Phuket Thailand for their holidays and not all for diving and the same thing happens to so many…They get hooked. After the holiday they go home as normal but then something kicks in as you find that next year they are here twice and then slowly they have several trips a year and each trip gets longer and longer. read more

Great Opening for Thailand Divers New Bar ” Mermaids Bar”

Last night (12th may 2017) will go down in history as the day Thailand Divers great chill out bar opened. Yes Phuket Thailand has a top new bar. Mermaids Bar.

The bar officially opened its doors yesterday to welcome all divers and non divers alike. The bar itself is chilled out with soft music inside and a quiet terrace to sit on, watch the world go by and chat to whoever you choose. So when you come back after your Phuket tours whether diving, snorkeling or any of the hundreds of Phuket day trips available then this is a perfect location to sit down and relax and decide what to do tomorrow. read more

What Makes Phuket Scuba Diving And The Similans So Great.

Many people ask what makes phuket scuba diving or the similans so great? Well the answer is simple. Warm tropical water, 40 meter vizability and light currents. Oh and of course the thousands of different marine creatures too.
Phuket Thailand does have so much to offer all level of diver plus plenty for the non divers too. read more

When Is The Best Time To Dive In Phuket Thailand ??

If you are thinking of visiting Phuket Thailand for a bit of diving or a bit of snorkeling in Phuket then you need to know when is the best time to come. Yes all over the internet there are ways to see when the rains come and when the monsoon season is. But even this changes from year to year. read more