Driving Death Road in Bolivia

We went back and forth on whether we would do “Death Road” while we were in Bolivia. Part of it was due to how much time we had while we were in La Paz and part of it was due to the reputation of how dangerous of an adventure it could be. In the end, we decided that we didn’t want to miss out on the experience, so we chose to be another couple who survived this treacherous experience. As we look back, it was definitely a worthwhile, but not without incident.  It is a gravel road that is extremely narrow with blind turns and 1,000 meter (3,000 foot) cliffs all along the edge, which is why so many vehicles have plummeted into the jungle killing all of those inside.  It certainly isn’t to be taken lightly, but it isn’t as bad these days as it was in the past. read more

Explore Halong bay by kayaking or rowing boat

Ha Long tourism, visitors enjoy the beauty of the bay, experience full of exciting with kayaking or rowing boat. The mountain landscape blends with water to create a calm blue, the wind blowing from the sea to cool the space on the luxurious Ha Long cruise, bringing a sense of calm, soothing and comfort from work. Enjoy the scenery of Ha Long Bay on the yacht, giving visitors the feeling of being in harmony with nature. The feeling of sitting on the deck sipping a cocktail and watching the majestic nature of the bay is great.
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Castle Dracula, Bran Romania

Let us be clear, this is a complete tourist trap and has absolutely nothing to do with Vlad Dracula, the inspiration behind the Dracula legend. It isn’t really a castle, not in the true sense of gentry living, but literally the offices of border control agents. So why go? Well, despite knowing the truth, there is no Dracula, that the legendary leader of ancient Romania never lived here, perhaps stayed here, it is still an interesting place to visit. At the end of the day, it was more about Brasov and the general vicinity that we enjoyed the most, but seeing the castle was definitely a must for us to visit.
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Kiliedu Travel & Tours | Best Safari Agency in Tanzania

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Kiliedu Travel & Tours will help you experience the beauty of Empakaai Crater: The Empakaai Crater is a deep soda lake covers about half of the 6km wide. This caldera is much smaller, yet endearing in its own way. You’ll often find thousands of flamingos in the shallows of the emerald lake giving it a spectacular pink color. read more

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of the things that we always recommend to people is that, if you are spending four or more days in a city, you take time for at least one day excursion into the surrounding area. While we were in Florence, we took our own advise and did take a day tour, which ended with a couple of hours in Pisa. Obviously the main reason that people travel to Pisa is to see the famous leaning bell tower. The bell tower is a freestanding tower, meaning that unlike most bell towers that are attached to the main cathedral, this tower is an independent structure. Rarely do you ever visit a location just to see something that was a completely unintended result.
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