Scorpios Beach Mykonos Cyclades Greece

Scorpios Mykonos: The bar, the beach, the restaurant. The new approach on Mykonos entertainment bit old habits like a Scorpio! An area so big, it can never be full, on a peninsula between Paraga and Platis Gialos. You can start your day at the beach or the terrace, staring at Platis Yalos to your right or the Aegean Sea before you.

There is also a restaurant with Greek and Mediterranean or Asian cuisine. Then, you might enter the shop before the time for the sunset ritual comes, usually with live performances by artists like Miss Connie Mitchell, Anane & Louie Vega, Feathered Sun, Valeron or other guest DJs.

For more details watch our youtube Scorpios videos: Scorpios Mykonos Part 1: View from above, landing at JMK Mykonos airport Scorpios Mykonos Part 2 : Driving to the beach bar (how to get there) Scorpios Mykonos Part 3: Day Ritual. The bar, the beach, the restaurant Scorpios Mykonos Part 4: Sunset ritual in 4K. (live Connie Mitchell – Friends)

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