Ftelia Beach Myconos, Cyclades Greece. A relaxing beach with a different approach.

Ftelia beach is located in the inner part of Panormos gulf, Mykonos. Years ago it was mostly known as a windy surfers paradise. Now, you can find a bar restaurant on each side. To the left part the beach is less crowed and more relaxed. There you can also find Ftelia Castaway restaurant overlooking the beach. read more

Matsuri, japanese festival

Matsuri Japanese Festival.
Notable matsuri often feature processions which may include elaborate floats. Preparation for these processions is usually organised at the level of neighborhoods. Prior to these, the local kami may be ritually installed in mikoshi and paraded through the streets.
http://www.deloprojet.co/photography/matsuri-of-late-summer-japanese-local-festival/ read more