K-2 trek on Karakorum

The Baltoro Glacier, the best known, is that spectacular conjunction of Godwin Austen and Baltoro glaciers called Concordia, lying in the heart of the most heavily glaciated region outside the polar areas. Within a radius of 12 miles rise six peaks over 20,000 feet. This is the center of the densest concentration of lofty peaks on earth. Some of these magnificent mountains in the Karakoram range are Masherbrum (25,600), Mustagh tower (23,690), K-2 (28,741), Broad Peak (26,400), Gasherbrum IV (26,810), Sia Kangri (24,350) Golden Throne (23,989), Mitre Peak (19,718), Chogolisa (25,110) and Hidden Peak (26,470).

After sightseeing the mountain desert, tranquil lakes, bustling Skardu bazaar and a 16th century Khorpocho Fort, for a day, We set off by jeep to Askole – the last inhabited village and commence our exuberant trek with dozens of porters on the trails to the incredible wilderness of ice, rock and sky for over two weeks.

Although on the entire trek we are in absolute wilderness, we will take a colorful part of the Karakoram Culture with us. Our scores of lively Baltis and Hunzakuts who are tough enough to sing and dance after the hard day`s work. We will be invited to join in. There will be many memorable evenings listening to their songs and watching their dances.
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  1. From what I know about K-2, it is riskier to submit K-2 than Mount Everest. I first heard about K-2 from watching a movie called K2.

    It is from watching this movie that I learned about the passion of most mountain climbers. It is unbelievable.

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