Initially, Belitung Island which lies to the east of Sumatra island famous for its mining results such as tin, kaolin and granite. But did you know that the island is blessed with abundant natural resources is also blessed with outstanding natural beauty?

Only in the last ten years, Belitung begin visited by tourists from home and abroad. They visited the coast and surrounding islands are known to have a stretch of fine white sand and clear blue sea refreshing eye.

But do not spend your visit just to enjoy the beauty of marine tourism in the Pacific Islands, because there are things that are not to be missed, such as stopping to Lake Kaolin, a former kaolin mine. The water is blue may be reflective like a mirror, making this place one spot to immortalize your trip.

Also a typical dish tasted like Berego Belitung, which is a kind of food cake smothered with curry sauce fish or Gangan, namely yellow fish soup cooked with pineapple. In closing, drink coffee Belitung which has a distinctive taste.

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