Mystery Wrecks in Patong bay Phuket.

Phuket scuba diving is about to have two great new dive sites

Even in some of the most popular holiday destinations there are still amazing things to be seen just off shore. Take Phuket Thailand for example. On the island of Phuket, scuba diving companies have been running for years. All divers know about King Cruiser which lies half way between PhiPhi and Phuket.

This sank in 1997 after hitting anemone reef on its normal run from Phuket to Phi Phi. Then there is the cargo ship just off Phi Phi Lay that was put there for the divers. Again on Racha Yai to the south of Phuket there is the Huruby which was an old snorkel boat again put there for divers. Next to this lies an old wooden speed boat and now the bow section of another cargo ship tht was put there after sinking Koh Yao Yai this year. These are wreckages that people dive on all year round.

However when scuba diving in Phuket there are some lesser known ones around too. There is a small wreck on the western edge of the southern bay on Coral island. There is Marla’s Mystery again place for diving on the east side of Racha Yai. This is set at a depth of around 35 meters so just out of reach of most recreational divers unless they have their deep specialty.

Again of Racha Noi which is very popular spot Off the southern point is a nice drift dive along some spectacular scenery as you find yourself on top of a large rock formation surrounded by deep water. On the southwest side, there is a wooden shipwreck that draws a lot of interesting reef fish. There also a few other wrecks around at depth only available to tech divers so not know by most people.

Again these although not so well known there are many instructors who know where they are and can get you to them. What are the real mysteries are the wrecks that no one knows about? Ones that show up on sonar and depth sounders only. Ones that know one knows what they were, when they sank or even if anyone has even listed them missing….. Even these are not as shocking as some images that have come from the new wreck finding tools of the world Google Earth. If Google maps is right then scuba diving in Phuket will change forever. Right in the middle of Patong bay are not one but two massive wrecks. This is the mystery. They look like modern passenger liners that no one remembers sinking or no one reports missing. Again even this can happen.

Then where are the 20,000 plus people that would have suddenly arrived in Phuket busiest town out of the sea? Did these ships sink miles away and then on boxing day 2004 did the tsunami bring them into the bay? Is Google Earth messing about? Who knows. Take a look for yourself.

Whatever your thoughts there are thousands of undiscovered wrecks around the world coastlines. All it takes is one person to decide to jump in the sea at that location. Who knows what you will find. Scuba diving in Phuket as one of the top locations of the world and a great place to learn. So many courses can be done here including wreck specialty. Next time you are in Phuket scuba diving or just on holiday why not think about a days diving. It’s a great place to learn as well and who knows you may be the first person to discover something new or even find these two mystery ships.

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