A dinner at SOMO Japanese restaurant Rome, Italy

A dinner at SOMO Japanese & Fusion restaurant

Perhaps one of the best sushi restaurants in Rome.

A combination of Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine in a modern surrounding.

If you are a fan of Japanese taste, then head to Trastevere where the restaurant is.

The cocktails are also great and you can enjoy them either with the sounds of the DJ, or with live jazz, depending on the night. read more

Santa Maria in Portico in Campitelli Rome, Italy

Santa Maria in Portico in Campitelli Rome.

A church you must visit when in Rome, on the Piazza di Campitelli.

The name is a derivative of Capitolium, the Capitoline Hill close by.

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it contains a 25cm-high icon dating back to the 11th century.

This is the icon believed to have helped Rome deal with the plague of the 17th century. read more

Goa, Less Travelled

Goa, a tiny state hugging the western coastline of India, is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for its sandy beaches, delicious cuisine having a lot of Portuguese influence, and its nightclubs. And I have seen this side of Goa many times. Well, not many…just twice. So this time, my friends and I decided to visit the Goa that we rarely get to see. By the way, one of my friends is a native Goan, so that definitely helped! read more