Luxembourg Old Quarters & Fortifications

Luxembourg panorama: Old Quarters & Fortifications-Unesco heritage.

The City of Luxembourg is rightfully called “Gibraltar of the North”.
(Only the sea is … replaced by The Alzette River!)

The World Heritage Committee that is responsible for the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites lists this part of the city in its tables: read more

What Makes Phuket the Only Place to Learn to Scuba Dive

What Makes Phuket the Only Place to Learn to Scuba Dive

There are many locations around the world to learn to scuba dive but what makes one location better than the next. Well, to be honest, that’s easy. If you are not in Phuket scuba diving then you are in the wrong place. The island of Phuket Thailand has been a mecca for scuba diving ever since Jaques Cousteau began exploring the oceans back in the 60s and 70s read more

Forres Park Coffee Estate and ResortJamaica

Forres Park Resort 60 acre coffee plantation is the ideal base for exploring the Blue Mountains, Bird Watching, Coffee Farm Tours and biking around the Village of Mavis Bank or just plain do-nothing but stare into Nature.
This Swiss Chalet style house and cabins have spacious patios from where the views of the Blue and John Crow Mountains is awesome. read more

Amazing Thailand. From Phukets Beaches to Chang Rai’s Mountains and Snow.

Amazing Thailand. From Phuket’s Beaches to Chang Rai’s Mountains and Snow

To the millions of people who visit Thailand each year “The Land of Smiles” means something totally different. From those who come to Phuket scuba diving or to the Similan islands So many flock to the warm sunny beaches that surround the south and western side of the country. There are the thousands of tropical islands all with warm waters all year round, white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the light breezes. To be fair most people do come to places like Phuket Thailand for the sun and beaches, to dive with people like Thailand Divers and the dozens of other dive centers in the tropics, to get away from the winters back home. read more