Navigate Jamaica’s Rivers on a bamboo raft

There are many modes of transporation to navigate Jamaica’s hilly terrains or transporting people and goods – a donkey or horse, a hand-cart, a carriage but the best way of capturing its natural beauty is via a bamboo raft on one of our rivers – Go with me on the Rio Grande as your oars balances his craft skillfully. read more

Get lost in Jamaica and find yourself in its natural beauty

Nestled high in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, among lush rainforests, coffee plantations, hiking trails, fruit trees, flowering plants, mineral springs and the best of Jamaica’s nature is found Serendipity Holistic Resort. Far from the city noises and away from busy tourist centres, you are entertained by the chirping of happy birds. Life is simply good! read more

The Fishing life in Jamaica

Fishing is a way of life in Jamaica for the sustenance of families. Fishing villages are dotted along Jamaica’s coastline and many families benefit from this thriving trade which is done mainly in smal dugout boats.

After a night’s catch many persons gather at the seaside to purchase freshly caught fish and other seafood.
Larger boats ply Jamaica’s coastline for larger consumption. There are several smaller islands or sand bars around the island where people stay for long periods to enhance their trade. read more