Ostrich Time

Ostrich Time

It is a widely held belief that when confronted by unpleasantness or danger ostriches bury their head in the sand hoping that the danger will pass. Although this is a myth the concept has past into our languages. The Dutch have named the activity of avoiding inconvenient or unpleasant issues after this large flightless bird: The Ostrich Policy (Struisvogelpolitiek ). In English we talk of ‘ burying our head in the sand’ in order to avoid uncomfortable facts. read more

What is it That Makes Night Dives so Mysterious??

What is it That Makes Night Dives so Mysterious?


I dont know about you but for me I always dreaded night dives. I dont know why but since I started diving in phuket all that changed. May be that its the stunning sunsets that we get here in phuket thailand. The fact that the sea during the day is so crystal clear you can see the bottom 30 meters below but as soon as the sun gets low and the shadows lengthen. The sea becomes looks black like oil. Its the mystery of not knowing what you are plunging into. What are you going to see. In the day time you can see whats below and have a good idea what you are going to see. But at night, in your mind you could be anywhere exploring strange new waters for the first time. read more