What is it That Makes Night Dives so Mysterious??

What is it That Makes Night Dives so Mysterious?


I dont know about you but for me I always dreaded night dives. I dont know why but since I started diving in phuket all that changed. May be that its the stunning sunsets that we get here in phuket thailand. The fact that the sea during the day is so crystal clear you can see the bottom 30 meters below but as soon as the sun gets low and the shadows lengthen. The sea becomes looks black like oil. Its the mystery of not knowing what you are plunging into. What are you going to see. In the day time you can see whats below and have a good idea what you are going to see. But at night, in your mind you could be anywhere exploring strange new waters for the first time.


phuket scuba diving trips are mostly day trips so the chances are small to find a boat running night dives. However when on a live aboard not only do you get 4 dives per day but you get the chance to be the first in the water at sun rise and be the last to surface long after the sun has gone down.
The sense that you have no idea just what you may come across or what may be behind you just feet away and you cant see it. That is what is so great about spending a few nights on a live aboard. You get the chance to be the first in the water at sunrise and the last out on the night dive and you get to see all in between.


Phuket thailand has so much more to see underwater at night that so many divers miss. There is just as much at night as there is in the day. So when planing a few days in phuket scuba diving then it really is worth checking out the liveaboard option. No hotel transfers before and after diving, relax in your cabin between dives and most of all see all the night creatures that all the other divers miss. scuba diving in phuket is so much more than the popular day trips that all divers do at some point. Now its time to see all the things that everyone else does not see.


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