Ausangate Trek Rainbow Mountain – Cusco, Peru.

Embrace All the famed Ausangate beauty with none of the crowds on the trail, and witness the great coloured Rainbow mountain – A must see.! One of the most breathtaking spots on earth with craggy peak rising dramatically from the lake’s edge up towards the heavens, and coloured hills.

Hike in for the highland verdant vistas and up-close encounters with rare andean vicuñas, alpacas, llamas, and birds. This 7-day trek to Ausangate along with Rainbow mountains, are the ultimate and absolute program we have for you. Immerse more into the real experience with more free time to roam and explore the great andean scenery, enjoying the trek properly with no rush.
Ausangate–For a photographer, has it all: stunning snow capped mountains, coloured rainbow hills, eroded peaks, lakes & streams, amazing sunrises, brilliant weather and skies dark enough to expose the Milky Way.
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2 thoughts on “Ausangate Trek Rainbow Mountain – Cusco, Peru.

  1. Yes Daryl, it is truly amazing, I’ve hiked this mountain for couple of times a year since 2012, it’s an ideal place to immerse into the llamas and alpacas world along with andean peasants. Ausangate trek offers great vistas of the andean glacier lagoons, as the trail goes around the Ausangate mountain range the highest peak in Cusco. And of course the name “Rainbow Mountain” fits perfectly.

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