Why You Should Do a Similan Island Liveabaord Trip When In Phuket Thailand


For many years now many people have been flocking to join a similan island tour during the high season months of mid October till mid May. The similan islands are a marine national park located north west of phuket thailand. Similan liveaboards were made popular ever since the famous Jaques Cousteau came to the area and was amazed when diving Richelieu Rock. This is a large collection of pinnacles arranged in a horseshoe formation. This site in itself can offer 2-3 dives back to back and still have plenty to see. For many people scuba diving phuket means warm clear waters, a huge variety of marine life from he very small to the massive Whale shark and Manta Ray. read more

Why Scuba Diving Phuket Is So Good.

Phuket Thailand has for many years been a very popular place for that perfect tropical beach holiday. It has been a well known in diving circles that phuket scuba diving offers some of the best diving in the world. For many, scuba diving phuket became well know after Jacques Cousteau came through and started diving Richelieu Rock. This is listed in his top 10 dive sites so with an endorsement from him is enough to bring divers from all over the globe to the area. The island of phuket thailand is now home to many dive centers and dive schools. Centers like Thailand Divers have been teaching people to dive as well as amazing day trips to all the local islands for 15 years or more. Most dive centers also run similan island liveaboard trips out to the similan islands national park so everyone can experience diving richelieu rock and follow in the foot steps of Jacques Cousteau. read more

Scuba Diving Phuket. When is it Good and When Not so Good.


To be honest scuba diving phuket is good all year round. Yes the are days when the sea is rougher or the sky cloudy. Again yes here in phuket thailand it does rain from time to time. We also can have big tropical storms too just like anywhere else in the tropics. However people have been scubadiving in phuket now for many years and the dive centers and experienced instructors know that no matter what the conditions above the water there is always fun to be had underwater. Many people will find the conditions scuba diving phuket far better than many locations they are used to compared to the conditions they are used to back home. In phuket scuba diving really is in a class of its own. Warm water 365 days a year with it never going below 26 degrees and mostly 28 -30 degrees for most of the year. read more

Amazing New Jelly Fish Found. Surely One of The Most Beautiful Creatures on Earth

The great thing with scuba diving in phuket or anywhere in the world come to that is the fact so much of the ocean is undiscovered. Each year thousands of people come to places like phuket scuba diving for their annual warm water diving fix. Some go to places like the similan islands on a liveaboard so they can spend 2-8 days diving to maximize their time underwater. Places like diving richelieu rock are listed by National Geographic as one of the top 10 location in the world so it only goes the quality of the diving all around the area. The diving around phuket thailand is some of the best there is. read more

Dolphins Have Made Phuket Their Home Once Again.

Dolphins Have Made Phuket Their Home Once Again


Here in phuket thailand the last few years have seen the return of some wonderful creatures that used to be around all the time and had for some reason left the local waters. Whales, Manta Ray, Orca’s, Whale sharks are always in the news. However for those lucky enough to have been in phuket scuba diving 8-10 years ago will be aware that the numbers of Bottle nose Dolphins had almost vanished. The boats when taking people scuba diving in phuket regularly had Dolphins escorting the boats until about 6 years ago when they suddenly vanished. read more