The Amazing Sipi Falls of Uganda

The Sipi Falls a set of 3 beautiful waterfalls found in Kapchorwa District in Eastern Uganda near the border with Kenya. They are located in the foothills of Mt. Elgon on the Sipi River which flows from Mt. Elgon. The falls are popular for day hiking adventures which include visiting each of the three waterfall along a trail which takes 3 – 5 hours to complete. Each waterfall offers a unique experience and wonderful views of Mt. Elgon and the distant plains. The main waterfall which is 100 meters high provides amazing rappelling adventure!
How to get to Sipi Falls, day tours, and more here: read more

The Amazing Dive Sites Of Phuket Thailand Part 3. Koh Doc Mai

The dive sites of Phuket Thailand has always been a big draw for scuba diving and for Phuket snorkel tours alike. What makes Thailand Phuket especially popular is the diving is easy with mild currents and shallow depths. Ok there are many other places with shallow diving but very few are as stunningly beautiful with such a varies sea life as when scuba diving Thailand. read more

The Similan Islands has Far More To Offer Than Just Scuba Diving.

The Similan Islands has Far More To Offer Than Just Scuba Diving.

Phuket Thailand is a world famous scuba diving location with many scuba divers of all abilities visiting each year from all over the world.
Thailand phuket especially has amazing wildlife both below and above the waves that it brings photographers and other nature lovers to these tropical shores each year. Beautiful birds, lizards, reptiles, fish and other mammals cover the islands and in some cases the oceans too. read more

A Quick Guide To Some Of The Fish You Will See Diving In Phuket Thailand and The Similan Islands V

Thailand Divers Fish and Marine Creatures Guide From Phuket Thailand..

What this will be is a quick guide to some of the amazing fish we see when diving in the waters off Phuket Thailand. Different fish will be featured everyday and as the Similan islands season is about to start too these fish will be for sure seen in these waters too. The scuba diving around Thailand Phuket is some of the best you will find anywhere. From the shallow bays of the Racha Islands that are perfect for people who want to discover scuba diving Phuket is ideal. Then again the sloping reefs are ideal location for people who want to learn to scuba dive Phuket has dive sites for all levels of diver. read more