Mount Kilimanjaro climb trip to summit Machame

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of top World travel destination and adventure climb places. Kilimanjaro is World Heritage site and World Natural wonder, has a lot of attractions like nature forest flowers, volcano rocks, glacier and Snow.
Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions provided include machame route 6 days kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Lemosho route and Marangu. Professional guides lead quality treks to summit of Kilimanjaro. Travel tips are provided and include climbing training, hiking gears, how to acclimatize and health travel tips, learn more about best time to climb Kilimanjaro …. read more

Amazing New Totally Untouched Dives Sites in Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand is a tourist hub and has been for many years. The number of people who come here each year to experience the amazing scuba diving Phuket has to offer is on the increase every year.

This in itself as many people who have been here for a long while will tell you the impact that having all the Phuket scuba diving centers all going to the same locations everyday of the year. This is why here at Thailand Divers we are always exploring new places and new ideas to make the whole diving and holiday experience with us stand out from the crowds. read more