Escape From The Masses This High Season. Dive Great New Sites You Will Not Have Been To Before.

Here at Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand are very proud to have so many loyal customers who return year after year. This does not only show how great Phuket scuba diving is but the expertise of our instructors.

The scuba diving Thailand has to offer is some of the best there is and Phuket Thailand has some of the best there is anywhere. There are many places to go diving Phuket as there are many dive centres all doing the same thing. These are the popular sites all that have great diving. The down side is during the peak times these sites can get a bit busy. This is where the skill of the instructors comes in. When you go scuba diving phuket with any instructor you will have an ok days diving. But you go diving with a great instructor you will have a great days diving no matter what the weather or number of other divers there are.

The other option that we here at Thailand Divers are looking to do is when you come to Phuket diving is to introduce them to totally new dive locations that are not being used by the masses. Places that are known by the local fishermen or dive sites long forgotten. Scuba diving in Thailand is a special trip for all and we aim to provide the best there is. Now we have special trips for experienced divers running every week. This way you can dive in exceptional dive sites without going to the similan islands as there are places that offer this level of diving close to Phuket but with out the masses you get on the Similan islands liveabaords.

Yes the similans are great diving and thee is no better place for a liveabaord than the similan islands Thailand as they cover such a large area you can have a week there experiencing the similan islands diving. But they are a very long way to go for a day trip. Here in phuket with the right phuket dive shop you can find this quality of diving right on your doorstep. Thailand Divers can pick you up from you patong beach hotel and have you diving in such great places while you can still smell the breakfast coffee.

We now not only offer the best diving and instructors but we also can offer you the best patong guesthouse or patong hotel in the same place as the best diving. Yes we now are offering places to stay too. Places that are quiet, stylish, very well priced with quality well above the price to. All close to the town centre. Our guesthouse Patong will really be a perfect oasis and a great place to relax after a days diving.

Check out the specials both diving on and off the water as if you want the best diving with the best guides and on the best locations then Phuket Thailand with Thailand Divers is all you need. Think Similans Thailand then think Thailand Divers as no matter how many times you have been diving in Phuket we can always get you somewhere new.

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