Hitch hiking to waterfalls in Liberia, Costa Rica

I traveled alone to Costa Rica. From Guanacaste I took a bus to a small bus stop in Liberia, where an old pick up truck dropped us off at the edge of the rainforest. From there I hiked down about a quarter mile to this waterfall. More details about the trip on www.MostInterestingEllen.com

Mahamba Gorge Lodge, Swaziland, Southern Africa

The mountainous Kingdom of Swaziland is a little haven hidden in the core of Southern Africa, sandwiched by South Africa and Mozambique. This picture shows one of the six lodgings made of natural local stone and mortar at the serene and enchanting Mahamba Gorge Lodge, in the Shiselweni Region (province) of the Kingdom. Mahamba Gorge Lodge offers hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, camping, and nature walks. Learn more about this beautiful African kingdom on www.thekingdomofswaziland.com. read more