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Amazing sea sunset with sun rays and water reflection near town Balchik, Bulgaria

What Makes Phuket Scuba Diving And The Similans So Great.

Many people ask what makes phuket scuba diving or the similans so great? Well the answer is simple. Warm tropical water, 40 meter vizability and light currents. Oh and of course the thousands of different marine creatures too.
Phuket Thailand does have so much to offer all level of diver plus plenty for the non divers too. read more

Become A Scuba Diving Professional With Thailand Divers

Become A Scuba Diving Professional With Thailand Divers

If you love scuba diving and hate the “rat race” then this may just be the way to go. Here in Phuket Thailand we can offer you the greatest life changing step you will ever make.
Here in the warm tropics amongst the many Thailand islands lies Phuket. Just off the west coast. If you have never been diving phuket then you know that it really is awesome diving and some of the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer. For those that have been then they will as so many before have been then are hooked. Then there are the lucky few who can call this island paradise home. read more