Fed Up With Cramped Speed Boat Tours? Yes We Are Too.

Yes, here on Phuket Thailand there are so many Phuket day trips on offer to all the normal location. When you arrive there are a hundred other speed boats there and a thousand other people. You are squeezed onto a speed boat and the the boats race at dangerous speeds to try to race all the others to the destination risking life and limb. Well NOT any more. Thats all about to change. As usual Thailand Divers being one of the most established phuket dive center we are always looking to make things better.


We are no offering a brand new tour on a modern high speed Catamaran. Plenty of space to move around and mix with other guests. A bar to get refreshments, a sun deck to relax on and a kitchen so there will always be a snack available to you. I dont know of any of the other non diving day trips Phuket has that offers such a great comfort level.


Even the Similan islands that has really world class diving still ( on some cheap trips) lack the comfort on the way out and back. Yes the Similans has some of the best diving on the plant and most of the liveaboard boats are very nice indeed but when you are NOT on the liveabaord and are on a speed boat tour then thats the problem. The same goes to Phuket. All the trips to the Phuket islands are by speed boats. Cramped conditions and you get wet when it rains in low season or from the waves. Not anymore.


This new trip ” Pirates of the Andaman” trip.

Our pirate catamaran invites you to go on a cruise with the whole family on board. It will be fun for both children and adults. Fun games, beach activities will not make anyone get bored on the trip. The catamaran has two decks, the lower deck is equipped with comfortable seats and tables for guests with full visibility through wide windows, cocktails-bar.


The upper deck – an open air, it is convenient to enjoy the sun and sea breezes and make great photos. Walk into the lagoon where we will swim and snorkeling with mask in the clear water of the Andaman Sea and go on a treasure hunt. On the way back we will arrange cool party on the ship’s deck. During the tour, we will serve you: snacks, soft drinks and for adults – our signature pirate cocktail.


There are 2 different destinations. One is exploring the bays and coves along the West coast of Phuket. Then other is visiting the tropical uninhabited island of Racha Noi. Great hidden coves and beaches ideal for snorkeling and Racha Yai the larger of the 2 islands to the south of Phuket.


This trip runs everyday. One day up the west coast and the other to the islands of the south. You are collected from Karon beach and from Kata Beach everyday for a great fun filled day. Swimming, isolated beaches, fishing, fun and games, snorkeling and great food. Just the life of a pirate.


For this great trips you do not need to be a scuba diver to enjoy the best islands in Thailand or even as wth many tour have to get up at the crack of dawn. A nice lazy start time and a bit of comfort as you explore the hidden bays of Phuket. No matter where your Phuket hotel Karon beach is not too far away so plenty of time to have breakfast first. Then be back at you phuket guest house or hotel in plenty of time for diner.


Snorkeling in Phuket should be no different to diving when it comes to relaxation and comfort. Why should the Phuket scuba diving trips have all the best boats. well not for much longer. The Pirates of the Andaman trip really is a fun way to see the Phuket islands.

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