Miracle garden, Dubai

Miracle garden,Dubai. Il giardino floreale piu’ grande al mondo. Il giardino è grande 72.000 mq e ha piu’ di 150 milioni di fiori. I fiori sono disposti in qualsiasi forma e colore, igloo, cuori, ombrelli colorati. Il Miracle Garden ha guadagnato anche il Guinness world record per il giardino verticale piu’ alto con 2.094 mq. Per l’itinerario di Dubai seguici su ↔www.itinerariodiviaggio.com read more

Walking Tour of Amsterdam

Taking walking tours of a city can be a great way to learn interesting facts about a city as well as see important landmarks. The walking tour that we took in Amsterdam was interesting as it was a free tour where participants are asked to pay the tour guide what they felt was a fair price for the tour that they received. In some ways it forces the tour guide to be more creative, informative, and lively. We are sure that most people pay the same prices as the other paid tours, but you aren’t obligated.
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