The Joys and Escape of travelling to Palermo

I was intrigued by this city I knew so little about, and after watching Godfather II, I decided to explore further.

We arrived in Sicily airport on a plane from Malta. The night before was a successful night for my boyfriend, introducing the only one “ the mellow cellist” from Cyprus. Oh, I’m so proud of him.

After a quick bite of sandwiches, we both jumped in a bus agreed on a price that was reasonably cheap, and after 30mins reached, we whirled down the pastel streets. I was dumbfounded. I fell in love with the strong Baroque architecture set against the gentle colours. I was there during a summer and it created the most beautiful light all over the city. That’s the most Sicilian thing ever!

We checked in at Hotel Palazzo Sitano at noon. We were greet by a nice and pleasant receptionist who speak fairly good English. We love the look of the typical dark rustic architectural style, first impression is always good indeed.

The town is deserted during the day, but at night it comes to life, with whole families descending upon Piazza (town) and staying out late, kids riding their bikes well past midnight. Break out your Italian and Sicilian — you won’t find many English speakers here.

Sicily is cheap overall. I knew it wouldn’t be too expensive, but I was shocked at just how low the prices were. Until this trip, I thought Malta and Cyprus had the cheapest prices in Europe; I soon realised Sicily had them beat.

On the more traditional end, we set our mind and hit down to the local hang out. Near the centre are the Palazzo dei Normanni where we sat at the old cafe, sipping cappuccino and talked utterly rubbish.

While we wandering the streets, we stop by the central Ballaro street market – flooded with food stalls, souvenirs, local desserts.

Top it all off with a cup of Italian home roasted espresso and the Sicilian dessert called “Cannoli”. Yum

The first restaurant that pops up is All’Olivella Wine ‘n’ Dine – serves Palermo platter. And you must go and check out “Walks of Palermo” to see what walking streets they have going on. Open at 10am till midnight only in weekend. Touristy as hell, with servers Italian fashions, experience delicious food and pizza, gelato and many more traditional Italian dishes.

I highly recommend checking out a Royal Palace started in the 9th century, and the Cappella Palatina, with Byzantine mosaics. Breathe-taking.

Looking at this photo and remembering the brief glimpse of the city Vucciria, near the port. It was a short 4 days trips but we were so happy that we limited our time to the best destination in Palermo, Sicily. That said, the east is calling our name. And I’m now calculating when I’ll be able to make a trip to that part of the island?

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