Kala Bhairav

Bhairav is one of the most dangerous forms of Lord Shiva and among the various forms of Bhairav, Kala Bhairav is the most perilous one. The literal meaning of Kala is ‘time’ or ‘death’, hence, Kala Bhairav is also considered as the ‘Lord of time or death’. Considered as the guru of the planetary deity Shani (Saturn), Kala Bhairav is often depicted carrying the decapitated head of Brahma as it is said that the guilt of cutting out one of the five heads of Brahma made him carry the head and roam around as mendicant for several years until he was absolved of the sin. read more

Munnar in Gods Own Country

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country. Kerala a small state in India is known for its nature’s beauty. With hundreds of scenic locations suitable for adventure or family trips, Munnar is the crown of Kerala with beautiful forests, hills, valleys and water bodies and a stream singing a song at every corner. If Kerala is God’s own country, Munnar could be easily the capital of God’s own country. View more pictures like this at www.livinginluxury.club read more