Mera Peak Climbing | Highest Trekking Peak in Nepal

Mera Peak climbing is the highest trekking peak in #Nepal considered more adventurous and less challenging than other trekking peaks.

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Questa fontanta è la Fuente de la Hispanidad e raffigura l’America latina.
E’ posizionata in Plaza del Pilar, la pizza principale di Saragozza, che vedrete nel nostro prossimo post.
Se volete leggere il nostro itinerario lo trovate qui read more

Everest Base Camp Trek | Nepal

Everest Base Camp trek is a dream of a lifetime for you if you wish to rise over the clouds leaving behind the cars, crowd and every day’s luxury that you are habituated to. This could be the opportunity to get the solace in the beauty of the mountains and create a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Everest Base camp is one of the most searched and preferred trekking destinations by the trekkers around the world and this trekking could be a combo of both adventure and challenge for you. This trek is not only about exploring the Everest but it also offers the opportunity to savor the breathtaking beauty of the mountains like Nuptse, Lothse, Makalu Choyu etc. read more

Going To Extremes

The more that you travel, the more that you realize that the scenery of most places will remind you of some other place that you have visited. When we first started traveling we expected to be find everyplace that we visited to be strange and exotic, but were often surprised at how familiar the landscape actually was. Part of that is for obvious reasons. The various regions of the planet are by there very nature similar due to forces of nature and the climate. read more

Manaslu “The Hidden Treasure for Trekkers”

The Manaslu Trekking is yet one untouched trekking trail in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of those classical treks where you get to experience the grandeur of spectacular Himalayas. The highest point in this trek is the ‘Larkya La Pass’ which is widely believed to be one of the most dramatic pass crossing the Himalayas. read more