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Many trekkers used to go to Kailash Trekking via Simikot, once the border between Nepal and China was opened in 1993. We are Kailash tour package specialist. Humla is the most far-flung district in the located to the northwest side of the country Nepal. The route to Kailash trekking via Simikot is the shortest yet rewards you with amazing views and immense affluence in culture as well as history. Kailash trekking via Simikot is the best route regarding high altitude because Kailash tour is located in one of the highest lands with Lake Manasarovar.

Mt. Kailash, located at the height of 6714 m is also named as Tise, Kang Rinpoche, and Kailasa. It is considered sacred by the Buddhist, the Hindus, Jains, as well as the Bonpos. For the Hindus, the peak is the dwelling spot of Lord Shiva; for the Bonpos, Kailash was the holy nine-story Swastika peak burning from heaven; and for the Buddhists, the peak is a worldly ridge of the immense Mandala of Boddhisatvas and Dhyani-Buddhas, which things can see in this Kailash trekking.

Mt. Kailash Trekking Tour – You will not find the direct flight from Kathmandu to Simikot. You will have to take up a flight to Simikot via Nepalgunj, the local core of Western region of Nepal. This flight service operates only early in the morning, so you need to stay overnight in Nepalgunj to take up the morning flight. The walk starts from Simikot, located at an altitude of 2910 meters, and ascends up to Nara La pass (4530 meters) earlier than reaching the dry Tibetan Plateau. Taking approximately 6-days to Hilsa border, from Simikot with enough acclimatization you will reach the Tibetan border town named Shera for Kailash tour. Visiting Kailash tour during Saga Dawa festival will be another awesome experience as it is one of the most vital festivals in Buddhist culture all around the world. It falls on the fourth lunar month, on a full moon day each year as per the Tibetan calendar which is celebrated honoring three important incidents in Buddha’s existence- Birth, Nirvana as well as death. The date will be updated soon the Saga Dawa 2019.

Nepal Kailash Trekking is all set to tailor the itinerary for Kailash via Simikot (Kailash tour) as per your interest. So, the team of Nepal Kailash Trekking company is the specialist to operate Kailash tour, who have been to Kailash tour 27 times already.

Note: If the given itinerary does not meet your timeframe or trekking tour route then just let us know for tailormade, we are happy to make it to your preferences. The route is able to exit from Kerong border instead of Lhasa route.

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