Spring on the French Riviera

Today, the French Riviera’s popularity continues – it’s a great destination to charter a yacht year round and while summer is often handed the glory of ‘best time of the year to visit’, spring is just as ideal with less traffic than summer, luxury hotels having off-season specials, attractions reopening after Easter and clear, crisp days perfect for cruising the Mediterranean coast. read more

Montenegro: The Jewel of the Balkans

Montenegro, which means ‘Black Mountain’ in English has increasingly grown as a yacht charter destination since its emergence 10 years ago after a vote of independence from its union with Serbia.

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Bordered by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, the scenery has been compared to Canada, New Zealand or Austria but Montenegro exists as a unique country with its own character, rich in a diverse mix of medieval towns, and stunning natural beauty including beautiful National Parks, Instagram-ready beaches facing the Adriatic Sea, densely forested mountains and spectacular waterways. read more

The 5 Best Yacht Charter Itineraries on the Planet

We have compiled a list of the 5 best yacht charter itineraries on the planet, factoring in the key ingredients for an unforgettable yacht charter: crystal clear seas, white sand beaches, fine dining and luxury, modern marinas.

There are of course, many other superb yacht itineraries on our planet, but these handpicked destinations posses the all-Important glamour that draws luxury yacht charters to drop anchor year after year. read more

Mougins, France

The hilltop village of Mougins was once more popular than Cannes and served as a Roman staging post for the Via Aurelia; evidence is recorded in old Roman tombstones displayed in the town’s Musée Municipal. Today, the Roman influence has slipped into the pages of history books but step inside the Porte Sarrazine – the last intact gateway in the medieval village fortifications – and you’ll discover a picturesque village that still retains lots of appeal. read more