Blue Lagoon Jamaica

A place to not to be missed on the beautiful island of Jamaica.
Blue Lagoon, Jamaica is among the greatest natural attractions of this Caribbean Island. With its change of colors from azure blue to deep emerald, to sapphire and turquoise, the Blue Lagoon is mesmerizing and is the center of Jamaica’s many attractions. Though originally called “The Blue Hole”, this place was made famous by several movies, particularly Brooke Shields starred ‘Blue Lagoon’ and hence the site was re-named as “Blue Lagoon and became popular with the same name. Whatever be the reasons behind its naming, Blue Lagoon keeps offering an unforgettable experience to anyone who cares to visit. read more

Hidden Treasure Kanopi House Port Antonio Jamaica

Jamaica has many surprises that make for great experiences beyond the beaches. Once you stay at Kanopi House you will want to return.
Tucked away in the folds of the eco-friendly zone of Portland, where the shoreline hugs the sea and the nights glow as much as the days, stands the emblem of respite, relaxation and all things in between. It sits snugly among the trees, embraces the ideally cool temperatures and complements the natural habitat. It offers a peacefully endowed atmosphere, not uncommon to truly tranquil scenes and all those who enter therein can claim its soothing and rejuvenating powers. read more

Holywell Mountain Retreat Jamaica

Holywell is a mountain retreat three thousand feet above sea level in the Blue & John Crow Mountains Jamaica. Roam through natural gardens and discover herbs, birds and flowers indigenous to Jamaica. Experience beautiful falls and brooks meandering through the lush mountainside as you smell the rich coffee berries and other fruits in season. read more

Floyd’s Pelican Bar on the south coast of Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located on the south coast of Jamaica in Parottee Bay, Saint Elizabeth. Located off the beaten path on a huge sandbar, this rustic bar is accessible by a twenty minute boat ride from land. Worried that you cannot swin? No need to as the water is waist deep. Here you can sunbathe, relax and enjoy some of the tastiest treats – freshly caught fish and lobster done to order and sip your favourite beverage. read more

Forres Park Coffee Estate and ResortJamaica

Forres Park Resort 60 acre coffee plantation is the ideal base for exploring the Blue Mountains, Bird Watching, Coffee Farm Tours and biking around the Village of Mavis Bank or just plain do-nothing but stare into Nature.
This Swiss Chalet style house and cabins have spacious patios from where the views of the Blue and John Crow Mountains is awesome. read more

The Haunted Affair at Rose Hall Great House

Ghost Stories abound in Jamaica from duppies to rolling calf which would cause one to shiver up the spine. The story of the “White Witch of Rose Hall” tops them all. This dates back to the 18th century when sugar dominated and the British owned huge tracks of land along with numerous slaves. It was an era of opulence, extravagance, elegance and cruelty. read more

Trident Hotel Port Antonio – a must on your list of travel

Trident Hotel is located in Port Antonio in the Parish of Portland, the rich rain-forest of Jamaica. Hemmed by a lush tropical jungle, mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Port Antonio seems remote. It is worth the journey from Norman Manley airport in Kingston as exhaustion gives way to charm, tranquility and beauty.
Trident Hotel is a cluster of 13 opulent villas and the famed Trident Castle. Dining is a treat and service though understated is of the highest quality.
Tip: Before leaving you must do a spa treatment; bask in a reclining chair at one of the alcoves on the beach; take a scenic ride through Port Antonio. read more

The best coffee is synonymous with the Jamaican Blue Mountains

Coffee is grown both in the lowland and on the mountain peaks of the Jamaica which is famous worldwide for its great coffee.
Abbey Green is ideal for Birding and is one of the main areas for birding. The birds, coffee and natural forest are all part of their environment and there is no better place to see birds, especially the shyer woodland species such as the Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Rufous-Throated Solitaire and Crested Quail Dove – the calls of the Solitaire and Crested Quail Dove are essential parts of the uniqueness of Abbey Green. Here too, you are likely to see the most exclusive of all Jamaican birds – the Jamaican Blackbird (Wild Pine Sergeant) to give its colloquial name (it feeds exclusively on the insect population of bromeliads attached to large old forest trees – Wild Pines in local parlance.
Abbey Green is the highest point in the Blue Mountains where coffee is grown. This area is great for camping and hiking trails. read more