Island Peak Climbing And EBc trek

Island Peak Climbing in Nepal offers the best peak climbing experience for novice climbers and mountain lovers. Lying in the Khumbu or Everest Region, the Island Peak or Imja Tse rises like a spectacular island of rock and ice surrounded by glaciers and 8000 and 7000-metre peaks. One of the easiest of Nepal’s trekking peaks, the ascent to Island Peak’s summit at 6189m involves a traverse through glacier and moderate snow and ice climbing. read more

Seafarer/Blogger/Traveller Rudolph.A.Furtado at Lonavala Station.

The fastest time travel by train from Mumbai to Lonavala is by the 17017 Rajkot Junction Secunderabad Junction Express in 1 hr 33 mins while all the other trains take over 2 hrs .My Royal Enfield “Bullet 350 Black BS IV” did it in under 2 hrs in extremely bad road conditions .During monsoons i advise travelers to use 4-wheeler vehicles or either travel by train or other public transport .Unless a “Adrenaline Junkie” like me its not worth the time ,money and trouble of travelling on a 2 wheeler to this unique monsoon hill station of Mumbai.Public transport is much cheaper and safer as also 4 wheeler private transport in a group. read more

Relishing Corn of cob at Bhushi Dam in Lonavala

A view of “BHUSHI DAM” from a snack stall situated on the outside boundary of the steps.The gush of the flow of water is tremendous and although harmless on viewing is extremely dangerous if a person slips on these slippery step as the force of the gushing water is tremendous. Lots of food stalls on either side of the dam steps for tourists . read more

Lonavala Lake.

Lonavala lake” filled to the brim with monsoon rains .Swimming is strictly forbidden and there is a patrol guard from “I.N.S Shivaji” to prevent tourists and locals from entering this vast lake that seems like a large swimming pool but dangerous to swim .During peak summer in April/May this entire lake is almost dry which is unbelievable when viewing it at its maximum capacity. read more

Landmark Maganlal Chikki shop in Lonavala.

In India beside’s being famous as a popular hill-station Lonavala is also synonymous with the candy “CHIKKI” which was invented on this hill-station.”Maganlal Chikki” has been in business since 1880 and was the first chikki shop set up by Late Shree Bhewarji Agarrwal in the name of his son Maganlal. The rest as they say is “Maganlal Chikki ” history which now exports various types of “CHIKKI” to many Country’s and also has other branded name competitors in the Chikki business.Tiny Lonavala has numerous different Chikki shops. YES, THE CHIKKI HISTORY BEGAN FROM THIS TINY SHOP IN LONAVALA.. read more

Seafarer/Blogger/Traveller Rudolph.A.Furtado in Lonavala.

On Monday(12/8/2019) rode solo from Mumbai to Lonavala on my Royal Enfield “Bullet 350 Black BS IV” motorcycle.Here i am finally in Lonavala having covered the total distance of 90 Kms in 2 hrs riding through some of the worst monsoon roads.

Road with Mooncrater potholes in Lonavala.

Riding my “Bullet Standard 350cc” motorcycle in Lonavala at Kusgaon village came across this road that had nothing but crater holes.Presumed that this obstacle course would be a short road torture but the entire length of this highway road was as shown in this photo.Heavy rains a week ago had submerged this entire road and as a result the formation of large craters dangerous for 2-wheeler vehicles. read more

Bhushi Dam in Lonavala

This Dam was built in the late 1860’s on the Indrayani river by the British for the purpose of water supply to the steam engines of the “Great Indian Peninsular railway”.The lake formed by this dam overflows over a series of steps during peak monsoon as seen in this photo and is a major tourist attraction .The lake created by Bhushi Dam is also used for power generation by the “Tata Power Co Ltd”. read more