Boiling Mud

Tanguban Perahu volcano is still an active volcano.  You could see boiling mud and so theoretically it could erupt anytime.

If you have like to go down to get a better view, there are guides around but too bad, I did not make a trip down to have a closer look.

Christ Church

In 1641, the Dutch captured Malacca from the Portuguese. The Portuguese ruled Malacca for 130 years from 1511–1641.

I am still surprised when I look at this part of the history, that Portugal was once a powerful empire just like the British.

To commemorate the capture of Malacca from the Portugal, the Dutch started building this church in 1741 and completed it at 1753. read more


An hurricane suddenly blows on the island of Bali… In the famous Monkey Forest near Ubud, thousand of monkeys live in harmony with the sanctified temple of Padangtegal and the millenarian forest. You ordinary walk inside this sanctuary of the Bali Aga with a lot of these macaques around you but at this time they all disappear in a second and we had to protect us under a roof of the temple not to be hurted by huge branches falling down!!! read more

Singapore Flyer

So in London there is London Eye but in Singapore, we have the Singapore Flyer.

The Singapore Flyer was first opened in 2008 and it carries 28 capsules and each capsule could take in 28 passengers.

The number 8 here is considered auspicious in the Chinese culture.

Gedung Sate

Indonesia was once colonised by the Dutch and this building was built by the Dutch. The Dutch used to called Indonesia the Dutch East Indies and this was one of the government offices in Bandung.

This building is now a government office of West Java and if you want to translate the words Gedung Sate into English, it simply means Satay Building. read more