Mabukala Bridge on Highway -NH 66 in Udipi District of Karnataka.

Maternal Grandfather owned reasonable land part of which was reclaimed by the Government for building the Highway and Bridge.The original bridge was opened in 1963 and this is the statistics of the recent second bridge constructed for broadening NH66 highway.

Motorcycling 320 Kms from Goa to Barkur.

Riding on Highway NH66 ( Former NH 17) from Goa to Barkur stopped at my mothers ancestral farmhouse bungalow situated at the base of Mabukala bridge on the banks of the scenic Sitanadi river.Nostalgic memories of childhood holiday’s spent on this sprawling farm estate that resembled a private island as its location as seen in this photo makes it totally isolated from nearby human habitation except for rice fields and coconut plantations. read more