Jewish Synagogue in Berlin.

“Jewish Synagogue” originally built between 1859 and 1866 and almost completely destroyed during World War II. The Present rebuilt New Synagogue with its Golden dome is a majestic sight in the vicinity.Jewish services are now again held in the synagogue although most of this building now houses offices and a museum. read more

Inside “Tri šešira(Three Hats)” restaurant in service since 1864.

Seafarer/Blogger/Traveller Rudolph.A.Furtado inside inside “Tri šešira(Three Hats)” restaurant in”SKADARLIJA(Bohemian Quater)” of”SKADARLIJA(Bohemian Quater)” of Belgrade.This restaurant has welcomed numerous famous guests such as guitarist Jimi.Hendrix,politicians George.H.W.Bush,Josip.Broz.Tito, King Juan Carlos I of Spain,Sandro.Pertini and chess player Anatoly.Karpov to date.The one and only Alfred.Hitchcock also had his last dinner in a Skadarlija restaurant .I personally didn’t dine in due to lack of proper seating as i was “SINGLE” and all the diner’s were either in groups, couples or families.Besides a single dish is meant for 2 people and hence wouldn’t be able to eat the complete food if i had eaten in this restaurant.These are times when being “SOLO” is a handicap read more