Skadarlija(Bohemian Quarter) of Belgrade.

“SKADARLIJA(Bohemian Quarter)” at night packed with tourists.There is a queue and “Waiting List” for most of the restaurants lined along the cobblestone street.This street is a “Car-free” zone and during the day cyclists ride along the bumpy cobblestones. Restaurants in Skadarlija are proud of the Worldwide celebrities and gourmets who have dined in their restaurants.over the years read more

Church of St Sava in Belgrade.

“Church of St Sava” one of the largest Orthodox Churches in the World.This building is also one of the largest church buildings in the World. and is dedicated to St Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox church.The Church was built in 1935 on the Vracar plateau on the location where St Sava’s remains were burnt in 1595 and its construction is still in progress to the present day. read more