What Makes Phuket Scuba Diving And The Similans So Great.

Many people ask what makes phuket scuba diving or the similans so great? Well the answer is simple. Warm tropical water, 40 meter vizability and light currents. Oh and of course the thousands of different marine creatures too.
Phuket Thailand does have so much to offer all level of diver plus plenty for the non divers too.

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When Is The Best Time To Dive In Phuket Thailand ??

If you are thinking of visiting Phuket Thailand for a bit of diving or a bit of snorkeling in Phuket then you need to know when is the best time to come. Yes all over the internet there are ways to see when the rains come and when the monsoon season is. But even this changes from year to year.


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A Totally Unexpected yet Awesome Start to 2017 For Diving In Phuket Thailand.


Yes Phuket Thailand has had a very unusual and yet spectacular start to the year. Thailand phuket is well known for its great diving and people have been visiting these white shores for decades. For the lucky people who turned up for a warm break for scuba diving phuket this new year got a pleasant welcome.

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