Unique Church in Bolivia

We were driving through the countryside of Bolivia outside of Cochabamba and we came across a tiny village with an old Spanish church. We stopped and talked to the locals, but apparently the church was no longer in use and they didn’t have keys to let us inside. We walked around the church and found a window with a mesh screen that was loose and peeked through to see some of the contents inside. It felt as though we were looking back over a hundred years in time. read more

Mohare Danda Trek

Mohare Danda Trek is one of the popular trekking routes in Annapurna which is recently discovered by Nepal government.
If you want to know more about Mohare Danda Trek visit the given link: http://glorioushimalaya.com/trekking-and-hiking/mohare-danda-trek/

Should you choose overnight cruise to explore Halong bay?

Listed are some of the top experiences in Halong bay that you will try on the schedule to explore the bay with some suggestions overnight cruises at https://halongbayweb.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/halong-bay-travel-exploration-schedule-bay/