L’amour Junk – Honeymoon cruise

Halong Bay is natural of the world with more 2000 islands, many unspoiled beaches with white sand and long coastline in the Gulf of Tonkin. And L’Amour Junk is the best choice for Halong bay trip to admire the beauty of the bay with private space. Detail at: http://www.halongbayjunks.net/2018/01/lamour-junk-best-choice-for-your.html read more

Top things to know before traveling Bai Tu Long bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is one of the beautiful bays in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. This place brings a wonderful beauty, wild and natural. As a result, Bai Tu Long Bay was voted the top 5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia by ecotourism company Gecko Travel (UK) in 2006. Top things to know before traveling to Bai Tu Long Bay. Details at: http://www.dragon-legendcruise.com/bai-tu-long-bay/ read more

Top things to know before Halong bay travel

Halong Bay is recognized by UNESCO as the World Natural Heritage Site, is one of the most impressive and unique destinations in the world. We would like to suggest travelers useful information below so that answer Halong Bay FAQs. This information will help travelers have a wonderful trip to Halong Bay.
You can read more at https://www.starlightcruiseshalong.com/helpful-tips-halong-bay-travel/ read more