Educational tour Volterra e Val Di Cecina

Questa è la foto del gruppo che ci ha accompagnato durante il nostro Educational
Volterra e Val di Cecina.

Due giorni varamente interessanti, istruttivi e divertenti.

Un ringraziamento particolare a e alla tour leader Claudia Bolognesi.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of the things that we always recommend to people is that, if you are spending four or more days in a city, you take time for at least one day excursion into the surrounding area. While we were in Florence, we took our own advise and did take a day tour, which ended with a couple of hours in Pisa. Obviously the main reason that people travel to Pisa is to see the famous leaning bell tower. The bell tower is a freestanding tower, meaning that unlike most bell towers that are attached to the main cathedral, this tower is an independent structure. Rarely do you ever visit a location just to see something that was a completely unintended result.
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