Amazing Underwater Creatures That I Bet You never Knew Existed.

There are so many awesome creatures on the planet that I bet no one know existed.

It’s not a mutant fish nor a piscine wizard. ( I still think it is. ) The source of the light is actually the defense of the clever, microscopic animal who just wants to get through the day without being gobbled up. Is that too much to ask?The see-through cardinalfish evolved in lockstep with tiny little crustaceans called ostracods. The millimeter-long creatures sometimes get swallowed by the fish while they’re looking for their actual food: plankton. To avoid passing through the digestive system of the fish, the ostracods evolved a brilliant defense: they light up.
Since the cardinalfish’s body is see through, their glowing bodies turn them into easy targets for their own predators. Once the fish realizes that it’s turned into a tasty fireworks parade, it spits the ostracod out and both critters can get on with their lives. read more

Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand Is Moving To The Next Level To Cater For All And Not Just Divers.

Whats really good for all dive centers and instructors of all sports

is when you get great feed back from experienced divers. Here in Phuket Thailand that has been a mecca for people diving Thailands waters for many years and attracts many new divers each year. its nice to know from the experienced divers who have a lot of other places to compare us too. These reviews mean a lot. read more

The Best Dive Center In Phuket Thailand.

Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand Has Been Very Busy

Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand

Yes Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand has had a very busy low season making big changes. The number one center for diving in phuket has made some great changes.

Firstly we have made big changes to the shop. We now have a great chilled bar to relax in after a good days diving. Excellent cocktails, ice cold beers and very cheap prices. read more

Never Give Up On A Dive Day Just Because Of The Weather

How many of us have looked out the window and said no diving today?

Here in Phuket Thailand this week so many people did just that. Early morning was driving rain and wind and so many just turned over and went back to bed. BAD MOVE. Phuket in low season can produce some amazing diving and many who live here prefer diving phuket in low season. Less people and better still less boats and noise for the wildlife. This brings the more shy creatures out to play. read more

Phuket Scuba Diving During Monsoon season.

Phuket Scuba Diving During Monsoon season.

What can I expect on a Monsoonal day?
Scuba diving in Thailand during monsoon season can be a great time of year to visit phuket thailand. Phuket is positioned about half way down the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman ocean. Thailand has a northern and southern monsoon. Phuket being central can get either northern or southern monsoon, both or neither. When diving Phuket this time of year can have warm sunny days and mainly short sharp showers at night. During the day can produce again heavy showers that last 20 minutes or so then dry up in 15 minutes as well. During Monsoon season the weather and winds come from the west, right across the Indian Ocean and can produce good surf all along the west coast resorts such as Patong, Karon and Kata beaches.
What is Monsoon?
The word monsoon literally means ‘season’ in Arabic. Traders travelling the waters off the Arabian and Indian coast noted for centuries that dry, cool, northeast winds blew for 6 months and then suddenly changed to warm, moist air from the southeast. So in a nutshell, the monsoon weather is a change in the type and direction of winds (and therefore swell) that brings moist air. read more

An Awesome Visitor To The Similan Islands. The Biggest Creature To Have Ever Lived.

The Similan Islands has always been a heaven on earth when scuba diving Phuket.

Now if the Similan islands that lie just off the west coast of Thailand in the warm Andaman ocean did not already have a thousand reasons to go there it now has one more decisive reason to visit. read more

Such A Great Sight And So Tragic To see What Some People Will Do.

Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand has some sad but also very interesting story on a very rare shark.

One of the rarest fish in the oceans the Mega Mouth shark was by accident caught in a fishing net but then rather than free it the sold it still alive to a Japanese scuba diving center who then penned it in and held it captive till it died. read more

Everyone Should Always Look To Do One New Thing Every Week.

With this in mind, the perfect place to Discover Scuba Diving Phuket is awesome.

The warm shallow reefs of the near by Phuket islands offers awesome conditions for people to learn scuba diving in phuket. Once you begin your first trip below the waves you will be hooked for life. read more

Escape From The Crowds And Find The Hidden Gems Of Phuket

Phuket Thailand is not only great for the popular locations.

There are so many hidden gems out there where you can get away from the crowds and discover the real hidden tropical hideaways,.

The scuba diving Thailand has to offer is some of the best there is and Phuket Thailand has some of the best there is anywhere. There are many places to go diving Phuket as there are many dive centres all doing the same thing. These are the popular sites all that have great diving. The down side is during the peak times these sites can get a bit busy. This is where the skill of the instructors comes in. When you go scuba diving phuket with any instructor you will have an ok days diving. But you go diving with a great instructor you will have a great days diving no matter what the weather or number of other divers there are. read more

A Great Similan Islands Season Comes To A Close.

Thailand Divers Amazing Similan islands Trips This Year.

In phuket thailand the Similan island and Richelieu rock live aboard season starts each year on or around the 15th of October each year and runs till mid May. The Similan island liveaboard season normally starts a little slow as there is a little uncertainty with the weather in October and the day trips are offering very good diving with the security of a hotel if a storm comes through at night. This year however is totally different. The weather perfect from the word go and with all the problems in the Red Sea phuket scuba diving liveaboard season started very well indeed. read more