Agricultural sector and SMEs to receive private bank loans

The Central Bank of Myanmar will make it compulsory for local private banks to grant a minimum percentage of their loans to the agricultural sector and the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector, Central Bank director general U Win Thaw told the Myanmar Times. read more


This article comes from one of our readers, Natalie, who also writes the Myanmar Travel Blog. Today she’ll be sharing some of her best tips and insights for anyone travelling to Myanmar!

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Bringing in the New Year in Yangon: Great Places to Party

Ringing in the New Year in Yangon this year? The city has plenty of places to dine and party as the calendar changes. We’ve selected a few of our favorites…

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The 7 Wonders of Bagan, Myanmar

Forget seven wonders, there’re thousands in Bagan

Seven wonders of Bagan? At the last count, it was nearer to 2,200!
19 hours of bone-jarring, sickness-inducing train travel north of Yangon on a dusty, sandy plain the Gods have left humanity a present. Bagan may not have the fame of Angkor, Macchu Picchu or Chitzen Itza, but those temple complexes are Disneyland compared to this sleepy town. read more


If you’re looking for the top things to do in Bagan or you’re planning to stay in Bagan for a few days and haven’t got a clue what’s going on there, you’re in the right place!

And if you’re also looking for the best info on Yangon and Inle, then look no further!

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